Electronic Arts has announced a couple of the most enjoyed PC video games globally. Although EA is working really hard to be certain that their Sims video games are top quality games which feature exceptional video game play, amusement and good graphics; they can never be sure that each and every game glitch will undoubtedly be avoided. Particularly with how distinct one person’s PC is from the other, there is absolutely no guarantee that gamers will get the same game playing experience.

Here are some known game glitches for The Sims 3 base game:

  • Changing the muscle mass of your Sims while making use of CAS implies absolutely no real noticeable change;
  • Changing the body weight of your Sims while making use of CAS can result in the torso to be detached from the other parts of the body;
  • Sims can oftentimes venture out of the house and begin a life of their own regardless of the story progression being put off;
  • If you swap to play another family and come back to play the earlier family, you will discover that your Sims is out of work or perhaps has random Sims living with them despite having the story process off;
  • Sometimes relocating a family out of one house into a completely new house can bring about losing a member of the family in the course of the moving process;
  • A Sim may get arbitrary moodlets just like a cozy fire despite the fact that there is no fire place in the home.
  • Sometimes your baby bottle may drop and be left behind on the highchair or floor and cannot be picked up unless of course the “moveobjects on” the cheat is utilized.
  • Your Sims may lose their vehicles. They will drive their car to a particular destination but end up taking a taxi or riding their back home which leaves the car behind at the destination. However when you return, the car is gone;
  • Sims standing up in the middle of their bed while asleep

If you experience any of these kinds of glitches, you can visit the official Sims 3 community forum at the and check if the problem has been fixed with current software patches. In addition, please be certain that your game is well updated and has all patches.

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