The Sims 3 game is a form of PC games that allows you to create any kind of character you like. In The Sims 3, you have the opportunity to create more than a million unique characters which place you in a better control of a virtual world. As a player, you can even go so far as using the stylus to stretch and contort the face of your Sim until it appears exactly how you would like. Not only can you customize how their characters appear, you can as well choose their personalities. You pick from four attributes (brave, lucky, artistic, etc.) that effect its conversations with other Sims and goals in its life. You can even change a rude character into an easy-going one. Once the characters are created, you will possess complete control over all aspects of their lives. However, there are challenges that players will have to meet in order to give their Sims the kind of life they desire.

The characters in The Sims 3 have many of the same responsibilities, sorrows and joys that individuals in the real world experience. Your characters need to go to work, go to school, fall in love,do household works like washing, carpet cleaning , cooking etc. and develop social lives as well as learn new skills so as to earn work promotions, which leads to a pay increase and new apparel. Your Sims have dreams and hopes like real people do, and it is your responsibility to make them come real.

You can also unlock powers that will make the dream of your characters come true instantly, or dash their hopes forever. You will need to build your Sims family a home based on how much money is in your bank accounts. Once the home is built, you can furnish it as you see deem fit. New Sims will be born and other Sims will die, just like in the real world. However, you can shop for baby items and furnish the nursery if you are expecting a new Sim.

Although The Sims 3 is a one-player video game, you can:

  • share your designs with several other gamers worldwide;
  • Exchange furniture, clothes, as well as other distinct creations with Sims fans across the globe;
  • Download items which other sim players have developed, and include them into the lives of your Sims family.
  • Purchase new items from stores if you can part with the cash.

As your characters learn new skills or meet other challenges, you will earn points that can be spent on a variety of items. This includes clothes, Karma or furniture. Karma enables you to instantly punish or reward your characters.

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